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The Importance of Effective Medical Waste Disposal

By February 10, 2020October 30th, 2023Articles

In January 2020, Chinese authorities confirmed a new type of coronavirus, known as 2019-nCoV.
Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can cause respiratory illnesses such as the common
cold. In some cases, the viruses can cause lower-respiratory tract illnesses such as pneumonia and

The first and foremost way to prevent unwanted disease and minimise the risk of disease
transmission is effective medical waste disposal. All staff from Healthcare services are equally
responsible in housekeeping. Effective housekeeping can decrease the infection to a great level. It
also reduces spreading of bacteria and microorganisms.

The advantages of effective biohazard waste removal include the creation of a healthy atmosphere
that is free of microbes that minimise the risk of infection to staff, visitors and other people,
removing bad odours and reduction of fleas and insects.

Without effective disposal of medical waste, disease may easily spread to staff, visitors and patients
that could make them more ill after leaving the facility.
The good thing is waste disposal company could provide you with government approved containers,
take responsibility in managing the waste in the containers, properly disposing medical waste and
replacing the containers when needed.

Nitrogenx provides a complete door-to-door medical waste management service from supply to
disposal of medical waste bins and bags for Medical, Dental, Specialists, Veterinary and Aged Care
facilities plus a range of other healthcare professionals and HomeCare patients. We operate in
accordance to New Zealand Standard 4304:2002 Management of Healthcare Waste.

To find out on how we could assist you on Medical Waste Disposal, visit or
call us on 0800 22 33 85