Nitrogenx has increased its efforts to ensure that its product & services help customers act responsibly as New Zealand works towards reducing its carbon footprint. This Policy applies to anyone employed by Nitrogenx, this includes consultants, contractors, and temporary employees.

There are simple changes we can make and new ideas we can implement. We are looking to implement the philosophy of the 7 Rs of Sustainability. The Company takes reasonable steps to manage its Environmental Footprint and develop initiatives to reduce energy & water consumption and increase waste diversion as well as increase our usage of green products and services. The Company tracks and measures its sustainability performance.

Liquid Nitrogen compostable cup

Sustainability Initiatives

Phasing out of Poly Cups for Liquid Nitrogen –
Nitrogenx implemented the phase out of the Polystyrene Cups in favour of Compostable Cups in our continued commitment to improve sustainability. This is in accordance with the Waste Minimisation (Plastic and Related Products) Regulations 2022.

Daniels Sharpsmart Reusable Range – Nitrogenx uses the Daniels’ reusable Sharpsmart system, which is the world’s most environmentally friendly containers for disposing of sharps and pharmaceutical waste from healthcare facilities. Why? Because when a reusable container is filled, only the waste inside it is destroyed. The used container is hygienically washed and returned ready for the next use. Reusable containers therefore produce far greater environmental savings than recyclable or disposable containers. Each year, for every 100 occupied beds, the Daniels Sharpsmart reusable sharps container: Reduces plastic waste – Reduces cardboard waste – Eliminates manufacture of disposable containers by 4,691 units.

Sustainable Staff Travel – Nitrogenx have reduced the number of flights being taken within the business and evaluate each trip to see if it’s necessary. For example, if you have a team of people travelling to a business meeting, is it critical that they’re all there? Reducing the size of each travel party can have a big impact on the carbon use of a business. We endeavour to utilise Technology i.e. Teams and Zoom Meetings where practical to reduce travel. This saves the business money, time, and our carbon footprint.

Maximisation of Delivery Schedule – Nitrogenx implements delivery efficiencies, and our services eliminate the need to engage multiple suppliers which reduces admin time, improves costs and clinical efficiency, reduces the number of onsite deliveries – and thus environmental footprint.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Community Work –
Nitrogenx is passionate about giving back to our community. We support 3 main initiatives covering local, national, and international community support. The Soup Kitchen – West Auckland, CAP Debt Counselling & Money Courses – Nationwide and the sponsorship of a Medical Vehicles through Flame in Cambodia.

Charity Events – The Nitrogenx team regularly support and run charity events such as Pink Ribbon Day, Daffodil Day, and Loud Shirt Day. We raise money through various events & volunteering and then donate to the
nominated charity.

Diversity – Nitrogenx is a diverse workplace and accepts and includes employees of all backgrounds and cultures. We are also proud to embrace gender diversity.

Reward and Recognition – We recognise and reward our employees, by running a Monthly Appreciation Awards, where peers can nominate each other and be recognised for displaying the Nitrogenx values or going above and beyond. The overall winner receives a gift presented at the awards.

Living Wage Employer – Nitrogenx is a Living Wage employer and pays all its employees above the Living Wage Criteria

Nitrogenx Values – We incorporate our Team Values wherever possible within the Business.
• We have the Desire to Make a Difference.
• We Work Together to Meet the Needs of Our Customers.
• We Inspire Vision and Values in our People.
• We Support Community

Ethical Company – Nitrogenx values being an ethically run business. We do not source materials from suppliers that mistreat their workers.

pink ribboon celebration breast cancer foundation 2022
nitrogenx staff with donations for Auckland City Mission

Sustainable Services

We engage with our third-party vendors, to ensure they adhere to our policy and supply and develop Sustainable products and services to the Company.

Medical Waste Disposal Service – We work with partners such as Waste Management, who process our Clinical Waste, in 2019, Waste Management became the first waste company in New Zealand to measure greenhouse gas emissions and create a carbon footprint reduction plan to reduce their (our) impact on climate change. All waste is disposed of to the NZ Standard 4304:2002 Management of Healthcare Waste.

Our Medical Waste Process – Includes segregation of waste according to how it needs to be treated, all our drivers are Dangerous Goods Licensed drivers, waste is transported to a hazardous & infectious waste processing site, where waste is sterilized and then goes to a sanitary engineered landfill.

Document & X-Ray Destruction Service – At Nitrogenx, we offer a secure document destruction service that meets the confidentiality needs of our clients. Our supplier collects the confidential documents, the paper is shredded, then it goes to a pulping mill for recycling into market pulp for use in paper and packaging. All non-paper items such as soft plastic, x-rays and canvas material are securely shredded, baled and taken to landfill as these items cannot be recycled.

Daniels Reusable Sharpsmart – Safe and environmentally responsible management solutions for containing sharps and eliminating the risk of container related sharps injury.

Office Practices

Nitrogenx strives to be a paperless office and only print documents when really needed. We use Adobe Sign online software, instead of printing and signing documents. We also re-use any scrap paper where possible as note paper. We also recycle all our toner cartridges from our printers and offer a collection service for our customers.

Nitrogenx runs its own worm farm, and we have compost bins in the kitchens to turn our organic waste into a fertilizer for gardens.

Cleaners – our cleaners all use environmentally friendly cleaning products. We also use eco-friendly products in the staff kitchen and toilets.

Delivery Efficiencies – our delivery schedules are refined to minimise time on the road for our drivers and reduce our footprint.

Local Staff – all our staff are from the local area; this reduces travel and our carbon footprint.

Energy Efficient Building & Energy Consumption – the Nitrogenx head office is brand new and meets all the energy efficient standards. We also endeavour to reduce our energy consumption where possible and use energy
efficient electronics in our offices, many efficiencies come from behaviour changes such as switching off lights and computers. Our building also has wheelchair access.

Sales Kits for Sales Team – Nitrogenx have implemented a kit for the Sales Team that contains all environmentally friendly products such a paper plates/tablecloths, wooden cutlery, reusable items for them to use during their clinic visits/morning teas.