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Dental professionals follow strict guidelines around the disposal of dental waste, Hazardous Waste such as Sharps, Amalgam, Mercury and Xray Fluid and Film along with Confidential Client information is essential.

Controlled waste generated such as used, swabs, and disposable gloves and instruments used in dental procedures need to be disposed of in a safe manner as referred to in the
NZS 4304:2002 Management of Healthcare Waste. We offeri a door-to-door delivery service throughout Auckland, Hamilton, Waikato, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, Rotorua and Christchurch to Timaru.

Our Dental Industry Services:

Medical Oxygen Supply
• Medical Oxygen Equipment; carry bags, trolleys, regulators
Medical Waste Bins & Bags – supply and disposal
• Odour Control solutions for containment areas and to reduce bacteria
Sharps Containers – supply and disposal
• Confidential Document & X-ray Destruction
• Dangerous Goods Disposal such as Mercury, Adaspor and Fixer Fluid

Every clinic in our service area receives a visit from one of our sales consultants to create a tailor-made service plan that suits your needs based on the size and requirements of your practice or clinic. We offer free Audits in relation to the products and services we supply to ensure the requirements of Code of Practice for Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice: 2014 are met.

Dental clinics are now required to be carrying Besmed Airway and Besmed Adult Reservoir & Tubing according to the Code of Practice for Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice from Dental Council : September 2014.

See excerpt below regarding equipment requirements for Dentists in NZ.

Nitrogenx supplies Medical Oxygen and accessories that are required by NZDA practice standard for medical emergencies in your facility. Refer to Code of Practice for Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice: 2014 for more information.
Working with practices and clinics of all sizes to ensure you have the best strategy, supply and disposal methods that suit your clinic.

Nitrogenx is a 100% New Zealand Owned and Operated Company, employing Kiwi’s and investing back into our Community.

Friendly, fast.

Glen Innes Dentist Ltd

Professional, efficient service.

The Dental Practice

Professional, great customer service and punctual with pick up and drop off.

Glen Innes Dentist

I think you are very good, keep it up.

Dr Neil Luyk Oral Surgical Ltd

Prompt regular service. Hassle free. Driver very friendly. Excellent service.

Good Dentist t/a Mt Eden Dental Surgery

The staff at Nitrogenx, from the wonderful guys who collect our waste to the Sales and Account Managers are extremely friendly and always willing to offer help and support. I recommend the team at Nitrogenx!

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