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What is Cytotoxic Waste?
Cytotoxic Waste is waste cause by cytotoxic drugs that could cause toxic or allergic reactions and could injure or kill cells. This is usually used on cancer treatments or chemotherapy to prevent the growth of abnormal cells that are causing the illness. It must be handled with utmost care as exposure to cytotoxic waste can be dangerous.

Nitrogenx offer a range of cytotoxic sharps containers, pails and clinical waste bags specifically designed for the safe containment and disposal of cytotoxic sharps and waste. We provide a supply, collection and disposal service for all your cytotoxic waste. Your cytotoxic waste once collected will be sent to an authorised facility for disposal.

Our staff are qualified and trained to handle dangerous goods such as cytotoxic, mercury, adaspor, amalgam, liquid nitrogen, medical oxygen, medical waste, controlled waste along with other healthcare waste products.

Safety is of paramount importance to Nitrogenx, please take the time to read about DG segregation and complete a Dangerous Good Form prior to the collection of your cytotoxic waste.