Nitrogenx is passionate about giving back to the community. We regularly host free CAP budgeting courses, sponsor local events or projects, and support our staff in their charity work. In addition to this, 15% of Nitrogenx net profit is donated to not for profit, community organisations.

You Choose

YOU CHOOSE is Nitrogenx’s community support initiative in our local and international communities. We aim to regularly update what we are up to and how what your doing by supporting Nitrogenx is supporting communities within and beyond our borders.

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See below for a few programs we are able to support from the ongoing partnership with our customers…

CAP Money Course

Helping to lift Kiwis out of debt and poverty.

CAP help to lift Kiwis out of debt & poverty through holistic debt counselling services, money management courses and employment clubs. As at February 2017, 141 families CAP has worked with are debt free clearing approximately $3,942,074.20 in debt.

CAP Money Course

With nearly half of all Kiwis living without a budget, the CAP Money course is a fantastic and revolutionary tool that brings essential money management skills to families. Helping with budgeting and providing a money system to help prioritise expenditure, and a cash-based system that will help manage money better. The CAP money course is FREE to attend.

Contributions so far:

  • Jan-Mar 2018 – funding of 200 workbooks for CAP Money course attendees
  • Hosted and catered three CAP Money courses over the past few years

Grow for Good

Creating healthier communities and feeding families in need.

Grow for Good is a new initiative born from some passionate staff here at Nitrogenx. Our team are committed to volunteering their time to build vegetable gardens in the homes of families in need, teaching them how to maintain their garden and grow and cook their own food.

Nitrogenx will be partnering with Our City Church in West Auckland and other local businesses to establish a community garden, supporting 10 families from Te Mana to grow healthy food to feed their families.

Contributions so far:

  • Jan-Mar 2018 – secured 100m2 plot for the beginning of the Community Garden.

Flame Cambodia

Bringing medical care to the slums of Cambodia.

Mobile Medical is an initiative started by Rithy, a qualified doctor who lives at the Flame Leadership Academy in Cambodia. He and Sothy take their medical Tuk-Tuks to the different slums around the city and deliver basic medical care, and also talk about nutrition, the importance of breast-feeding, or whatever else comes up, covering primary healthcare needs.

Contributions so far:

  • Jan-Mar 2018 – funding of 520 treatments across 4 slum communities