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At Nitrogenx, our commitment to community involvement extends beyond the business of providing medical supplies. We believe in making a positive impact on the lives of people, not just through our products and services but also through meaningful partnerships and support initiatives.

Our dedication to community support is evident in our collaboration with three key initiatives that address the needs of diverse communities. The Soup Kitchen in West Auckland reflects our dedication to tackling local challenges, ensuring that those facing food insecurity have access to nourishing meals.

On a national scale, we proudly support CAP Debt Counselling & Money Courses. By contributing to this program, we aim to empower individuals and families across the country to manage their finances responsibly and overcome financial obstacles, fostering stability and well-being.

Internationally, Nitrogenx has taken a step towards making a difference in healthcare accessibility by sponsoring a Medical Vehicle through Flame in Cambodia. This initiative is a testament to our global commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure and services in underserved communities.

Join us in our mission to extend care beyond the borders of business, where every action we take contributes to building stronger, healthier communities. By subscribing to our newsletter, you stay connected with the latest updates on our community involvement efforts and gain insights into the diverse programs we actively support.




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Whether you are financially well-off or not, self-employed, or just after some help with your finances, this course is for you! Find a free course near you.

CAP Debt Counselling & Money Courses

Helping to lift Kiwis out of debt and poverty.

CAP helps to lift Kiwis out of debt & poverty through holistic debt counselling services, money management courses and employment clubs. As at February 2017, 141 families CAP has worked with are debt free clearing approximately $3,942,074.20 in debt.

CAP Money Course

With nearly half of all Kiwis living without a budget, the CAP Money course is a fantastic and revolutionary tool that brings essential money management skills to families. Helping with budgeting and providing a money system to help prioritise expenditure, and a cash-based system that will help manage money better. The CAP money course is free to attend.

Free Debt Help service goes beyond budget help: Community-based Debt Coaches work alongside a caseworker team at the Head Office to develop a unique plan for each client. This includes creating a budget that prioritizes food and housing, taking over all creditor relationships, negotiating with creditors, and establishing a long-term repayment plan – so that you get out of debt and stay out of debt. Call on 0508 227 111.

Flame Cambodia

Flame provides four After School Programs in Phnom Penh as well as helping to Build and Repaid Homes for families. They also support 6 Football teams with 60+ participants and provides scholarships to young adults seeking to become tertiary students.

Flame has two Leadership Academy homes which provide a community living setting for tertiary students to be mentored and inspired to grow in leadership and service.
Nitrogenx is helping to sponsor Chanleakana who is 20 years old and studies Management.

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LIFE Community Kitchens

Feeding the community.

Life runs four initiatives that help the community. Nitrogenx financially contributes towards their Soup Kitchen which provides warm, nutritious meals in nine locations every week:

Glen Innes
Mt Roskill

Each LIFE Soup Kitchen location is situated in lower-income areas serving up to 250-300 meals at each location every week.

On behalf of the Auckland City Mission we wish to thank you so very much for your wonderful contributions.
It is so kind of you and such a lovely thing to do- I know what a big difference your donations make to people.
Thank you!!!

Auckland City Mission