Nitrogenx is a creative one-stop-shop solution for; Medical, Dental, Aged Care, Veterinary, Specialists, Education, and other Healthcare professionals. Our clients who combine services eliminate the need to engage multiple suppliers, reduce their carbon footprint and save on processing and administration costs.

Nitrogenx offers a door-to-door delivery service to Whangarei, throughout Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, Gisborne and Christchurch to Timaru. A majority of our equipment for Medical Oxygen and Liquid Nitrogen can be shipped throughout New Zealand.

Our core services include the supply and disposal of Medical & Healthcare Waste Bins, Bags and Sharps Containers, Cytotoxic Waste and other Dangerous Goods Disposal, Secure & Confidential Document Destruction, Odour Control, Medical Oxygen and Liquid Nitrogen supply.

Every new clinic in our door-to-door service area receives a visit from one of our sales consultants to create a tailor-made service plan that suits your needs based on the size and requirements of your clinic. We offer free Clinic Audits in relation to the products and services we supply to ensure you pass your Cornerstone or Foundation standards, as well as meeting the requirements of NZS 4303:2002 Management of Healthcare Waste.

Equipment Servicing

It is important that all equipment in your workforce is in full working order with current test documentation to ensure that it complies with legislation and regulations.

Contact Us if your equipment is not working, we may be able to help!

We offer repairs, cleaning, calibration and testing for all of our client’s equipment including:
• Liquid Nitrogen Dewars
• CryoSpray Units
• Medical Oxygen Regulators
• Clinical Waste Bins
• Document Destruction Bins