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Regulatory Compliance

Our delivery team are fully trained and qualified in handling of Dangerous Goods and Healthcare Waste including: Controlled Waste, Hazardous Waste and Infectious Waste.

Each delivery driver has successfully completed a Dangerous Goods course and holds a valid DG Licence, only once they have obtained a DG Licence, undergone job specific in-house Standard Operating Procedure training and hands on driver training are they introduced to their delivery run.

Our Quality Management System and Standard Operating Procedures are in alignment with the PICS Good Manufacturing Practice Guide.

Dangerous Goods Form

The Shipper’s Declaration is crucial for Nitrogenx, when transporting dangerous goods. In compliance with New Zealand regulations, the Shipper’s Declaration outlines detailed information about the hazardous materials being shipped, including their nature, quantity, and handling instructions. For Nitrogenx, accuracy in these declarations ensures the safe and secure transportation of medical supplies, especially hazardous materials like chemicals and pharmaceuticals. It not only upholds legal requirements but also prioritizes the safety of our personnel, clients, and the environment.