Combine services and save money and time that is currently wasted on administration and procurement. Whether on a regular cycle requiring no administration or on our casual service where one phone call is needed for all services, we can assist.

We offer an easy, no fuss, door-to-door delivery and collection service to all of our clients.  Whether you require a casual ‘call us when you need us’ service, or we can schedule to visit you regularly depending on your requirements.

Nitrogenx looks for creative solutions to meet the needs of our clients and will collectively find the best solution for you.


Service Areas

Nitrogenx services the wider Auckland, Hamilton and Waikato regions.

Please contact us to find out your next delivery.


We are able offer repairs, cleaning and testing for all of our client’s equipment including:

  • Liquid Nitrogen Dewars
  • CryoSpray Units
  • Medical Oxygen Regulators
  • Clinical Waste Bins
  • Document Destruction Bins

Free Clinical Audit

The cornerstone / foundation testing can be an expensive exercise, so we want to offer an opportunity for our knowledgable staff to provide some valuable advice to save you time and money.

We can provide advice and training to support your clinic as you work to ensure you meet best practice standards required by your PHO. This includes:We can provide advice and training to support your clinic as you work to ensure you meet best practice standards required by your PHO. This includes:

  • Safe containment and disposal of your Clinical Waste & Sharps
  • Liquid Nitrogen containment, use and method of supply
  • Medical Oxygen supply, quantities, placement and securing of cylinders
  • Safe and secure disposal of sensitive and/or confidential documents
  • Recommend the most efficient delivery and combining of services to save you time and money

Often the clinics are so focused on the big stuff, that the smaller needs or issues within the clinic are overlooked. These are often compliance issues or issues surrounding health and safety.” – Aroha, Nitrogenx Sales Representative

Contact Nitrogenx today to book your FREE Clinical Audit
Our friendly sales representative will provide a comprehensive assessment of your clinic to ensure that you meet the standards for your cornerstone / foundation testing.

Training at Mankau Road Dental Group attended by Lee

Free Odour Control Consultation

Say good-bye to the age old problem of odour with Vm3. Vm3 odour purifier is an environmentally friendly solution to meet all odour issues. Vm3 works by attracting and eliminating volatiles attached to moisture in the air, then releasing essential oils as a micromist to further control microbes and malodour in the air.

Read more about Vm3 here.

Vm3 is recommended for the removal of odour from urine, faeces, sweat, foodstuffs, alcohol, nicotine smoke, rubbish bins, medical waste, and many other problem odours.

Contact Nitrogenx today for a FREE Odour Control Consultation.
We will review odour related issues and provide an Odour Management Plan and Emergency Outbreak solutions, assisting with reduced Hospitalised Acquired Infections.