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What Makes Up the Nitrogenx Service Charge?

By May 3, 2024Articles

Here at Nitrogenx we sometimes get asked about our Service Charge. We want our Customers to trust we are always doing what is best for them and the business.

So below we have put together a breakdown of what is included when we charge our standard service charge.

1. Labour/Time Costs: This includes salaries for employees directly involved in providing the service, such as our fabulous Drivers that deliver & service your Clinics and Operations Staff.

2. Overhead Costs: These are expenses that are necessary for the operation of the business. Overhead costs may include rent, utilities, office supplies, insurance, and other administrative expenses.

3. Driver Vans and Equipment Costs: Specialised segregated Vans and Equipment is needed to deliver our services.

4. Delivery Fuel Costs: As you all know rising costs need to be factored in.

Overall, the service charge is designed to cover all costs associated with providing the service while generating a reasonable profit for the company.

Contact us if you have any questions around any of our charges.

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