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Testimonial – East Coast Bays Vet Clinic

By Team Updates

We have used NitrogenX since October 2020.  My initial encounter with Nitrogenx came about through a simple web search for confidential document management services.  They responded promptly to my inquiry and took the time to address all my queries in detail, putting my concerns at ease.

What sets Nitrogenx apart is not just their quick response time, but also their commitment to customer satisfaction. Dealing with them has been effortless, thanks to their clear communication and willingness to go above and beyond to meet our needs.

One of the most significant benefits of partnering with Nitrogenx has been the peace of mind it has brought to our business. With their secure disposal services, we no longer have to worry about the confidentiality of our clients’ and patients’ information, and their commitment to sustainability also ensures that our paper waste is recycled responsibly.

In summary, I am more than satisfied with Nitrogenx’s services and I would recommend Nitrogenx to any business in need of reliable and efficient document disposal services.

East Coast Bays Vet Clinic

Annual Community Day

By Community, Team Updates

Nitrogenx is proud to uphold our commitment to sustainability, and what better way to make a positive impact than with our Annual Community Day!

🌱 This year, with Auckland City Council Park Rangers, we contributed to a healthier planet by weeding, mulching and planting trees in Orangihina Park, Te Atatu 🌲

A big shoutout to our incredible team who joined us in this green adventure!

Let’s continue nurturing this planet we call home! 🌏💚
compostable paper cup for liquid nitrogen

Compostable LN2 Cups

By Team Updates

Nitrogenx is phasing out the Polystyrene Cups in favour of the Compostable Cups in our continued commitment to improve sustainability.

Please note, you do not need to do anything, the change will take place once the current stock of the Polystyrene Cups has diminished. Contact Us to find out more.

Premises Update

The building is now watertight! The roof was completed last week and this week the glazing and roller doors went in. The expected completion is currently early March and will be ready to move in early April if all goes well.

Team Building 2019

In January 2019 the Nitrogenx team went for an epic day of archery, fun and games. Our team building day was a massive success and served well to review our company values and give us a chance to let loose and enjoy the Waiheke sights.

New Premises

We have found a new premises that will suit our growing needs as we expand further south. The new site will have twice as much depot space so we can continue to provide our great service to our growing customer base.

NitrogenX 25th Anniversary!

This year Nitrogenx is celebrating it’s 25th year of bring you the service you deserve. We’ve come so far from a one-man operation to a successful small business. And we’re not stopping any time soon so hold on as we steam ahead towards bigger and better things!