Medical Waste Bag – 120L Liner

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Dimensions: H1360 x W500mm
Capacity: 120 litres
Colour: Yellow – labelled

Description: 120L bags for easy identification and segregation of medical and controlled waste from other waste streams. Can be used individually or as a liner in 120L Medical Waste Bin.
Nitrogenx provides a complete door-to-door medical waste management service from supply to disposal of medical waste bins and bags for Medical, Dental, Specialists, Veterinary and Aged Care facilities plus a range of other healthcare professionals.
Our medical waste bags are specifically designed and labelled for proper identification to ensure the accurate segregation of medical waste from other waste products. They are made to avoid risks of leaking contaminated medical or controlled waste during handling and disposal.

Safety is of paramount importance to Nitrogenx, please take the time to download and read through the Safety Data Sheet on Medical Waste.
We require our clients to complete a Dangerous Good Form prior to collection of your medical waste.