Liquid Nitrogen Dewar – 4L

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Dimensions: H440 x Dia190mm
Capacity: 4 litres
Brand: Worthington formerly Taylor Wharton

4L Liquid Nitrogen storage vessel, comes with 4L Dewar Lid. Used in conjunction with Poly Cups, Poly Cup Holder or Cryospray Gun for direct filling. Liquid is directly decanted from this unit.
Accessories available for purchase: replacement 4L Dewar Lid

Nitrogenx provides a delivery service of Liquid Nitrogen throughout Auckland, Hamilton, Waikato, Tauranga and the wider Bay of Plenty. Equipment can be shipped to all parts of New Zealand.
Benefits of using a Liquid Nitrogen Dewar include: safe storage, convenience of having Liquid Nitrogen on hand 7 days a week. Dewar’s are specifically designed for the storage of Liquid Nitrogen and have a far lower evaporation rate than a thermos flask. Customers that have taken advantage of an on-site Dewar have found that the longevity of Nitrogen has been much more cost effective.

Safety is of paramount importance to Nitrogenx, please take the time to download and read through the Safety Data Sheet regarding the handling and storage of Liquid Nitrogen before use.

Static Holding Time days*: 10
Evaporation Rate*: 0.40 per days
*Actual rate may be affected by the nature of the contents, atmospheric conditions, container history and manufacturing tolerances.