Odour Control

What is Vm3 Purifier?
Vm3 Purifier is a range of unique products which:

• Eliminate bad odour (they do not simply mask odours)
• Reduces bacteria and fungi
• Absorb moisture from the air
• Absorb fluids
• Reduce odours associated with chemical usage
This is achieved without the use of:

• Chemicals
• Electricity

How does Vm3 Purifier work?
There are two types of Vm3 Purifier products:

• Air Purifier Pads for air treatment
• Spill Compound for absorbing liquids and fluid spills
Each product contains a blend of minerals, polymers and essential oils which makes up the Odour Neutralising Complex.
As odour eliminators, Vm3 products are founded on the understanding that all odours, whether they be chemical or from decomposition, move around the air on moisture (or water). If you can control the movement of moisture in the air, you can control odours.
All Vm3 products will absorb moisture from the air, and along with it the odours and other particulates on that water.

The Odour Neutralising Complex (ONC)

The Odour Neutralising Complex, which forms part of Vm3 Purifier, is a blend of essential oils which are released from the product. The oils bind with and eliminate any odour they come into contact with. The oils do have a pleasant smell to them, this is a positive side effect of using Vm3 and shows the coverage of the product, it is not directly related to how the products work.
Additionally, the ONC will eliminate any bacteria and fungi it comes into contact with, eliminating the source of problem odours. It finally settles onto surfaces below, assisting with the control of microbes. This may also assist in reducing staff and customer exposure to infectious agents.
As a fluid absorber, Vm3 Purifier will absorb large amounts of fluids and eliminate odours associated with the fluid spill.

Why use Vm3?

• Environmentally friendly
• Non-toxic
• Mineral based
• No electricity or batteries required
• Cost effective
• Easy and safe to use

General Product Application

This section contains some general guidelines for the application of product. More detailed methods of application are listed in the products section and on the product labels. Before using a new product, please read the label carefully. If you wish to use a product for an application not listed, the guidelines below will help to gain the maximum effect.

For odour, volatile and moisture control in air

The recommended application of product for odour, volatile chemicals and moisture absorption from the air is to place the pad horizontally above the source of the smell. The paper side must be facing down and be exposed to the air.

By placing the pad horizontally, the product will get maximum exposure to the air allowing for greater uptake of moisture, odours and volatile chemicals and release of the ONC.

Placing pads in any other fashion, generally will give you the desired result as long as the paper side is exposed, but there will be a reduced effectiveness of the product.

For fluid absorption

When using absorbent powder, pour or sprinkle powder over the fluid you wish to absorb. Leave for approximately 20 minutes or until the bulk of the fluid is absorbed before sweeping up.

Air Purifier Pads
Use for Odour Control and to reduce bacteria and fungi

Odour Control Pads are to be placed in any enclosed area where odour is a problem. Pads can be placed using the attached double sided tape on the underside of a shelf or table or behind a door, or if used regularly, placed in a metal holder attached to the wall or ceiling. Applicable for use in any closed areas where odour is an issue.
May be used for reducing odours from:

• Food smells
• Laundries
• Pet odours
• Waste Bins
• Musty Smells
• Nicotine smells
• Urine / faeces
• Vomit

Spill Compound
Used for fluid absorption
The Spill Compound is a simple to use, fluid absorbent powder which contains the ONC. It will absorb fluid and eliminate any odours associated with the fluid.
The Spill Compound, in practical day to day usage, can easily absorb at least 5x its weight in fluid. However, the product does have the ability to absorb well in excess of this amount.
The Spill Compound can be poured over the spill, once the fluid is absorbed, sweep up and place in an appropriate bin. It may be used on hard and carpeted floors.
Applicable for the clean up of:

• Vomit
• Diarrhoea
• Urine

Where can the products be used?

• Rubbish bins and Industrial bins
• Toilets / Rest rooms
• Cars and Caravans
• Smoking areas
• Food areas
• Fridge / Coolers
• Cupboards
• Elevators
• Aged Care Facilities
• Day Care Facilities
• Health Care Facilities
• Commercial buildings
• Apartments / Hotels / Motels
• Public Transport
• Funeral Homes
• Pet stores / Veterinary clinics / Kennels
• Porter Loos
• Schools
• Pubs / Restaurants
• Night clubs / Casinos
• Spa and fitness centres

Frequently Asked Questions
How long do the products last?
When you initially apply the product, you will smell the oils (a positive side effect of the product). After a period of time, you will not be able to smell the oils or the unwanted smell, but the products are still working. If the unwanted odours return, it is time to reapply. This usually occurs between 1 and 4 weeks.
The time required before reapplication depends on 3 main factors:

• The amount of odour, more odour means less time
• The size of the area being treated, larger area means less time
• The amount of air moving through the area, more air means less time

What should I do if I do not get the desired result?
This means that the odours in a given area are being produced faster than the products ability to absorb and eliminate them. You may need to apply extra pads or switch to a stronger product.
If you are still having odour issues, contact us to discuss the problem. We have other products which may be more suited to your particular problem.

Can I use the products for applications other than those listed?
Yes. The applications listed are the more common uses. The products have been used successfully for the applications listed. The range of uses is only limited by your willingness to try Vm3 Purifier to solve any fluid problems you may have.
If you wish to use for another application, we suggest that you trial the use at a time where you can adjust the application if required.

Are all the products the same, just in different sizes and presentation?
No. Each product has the same ingredients. However the proportions of the ingredients changes depending on what they are trying to achieve. All products have the ability to eliminate odours and absorb fluids, but some products have been designed as an odour eliminator. These products will do this more effectively, faster and for longer than a product that is designed for fluid absorption. The reverse is true for products that are designed for fluid absorption, they will do this much more effectively than products that are not designed for this.

What is the shelf life of the products?
A minimum of 12 months. Unopened product should still be functional after this time. The products must be stored out of direct sunlight in a low humidity, low temperature area in the packaging provided. The packaging must be resealed properly after use. The flexible packs have been specially manufactured to ensure product longevity, other types of plastic packaging will not be as effective.

Hotel Industry
“We have now been using your Odour Control Pads in our various hotel kitchen facilities for some months. I have never been so pleased with the state of these waste facilities. They look and smell clean and any risk of malodour has been completely eliminated. This is an amazing product.”
Paul Jury
Group Executive Chef
JDA Hotels Group

“Thank you for the sample pads. We have had them placed in a home that has been subject to flooding. The musty, mouldy odour commonly associated with flood damaged property has been completely removed. We now wish to start taking to our insurance company clients about supplying pads as part of our support services to them in reinstating properties subject to water damage to remove these malodours.”
George Gialouris
General Manager
AusRestore Pty Limited

“I stuck my pad in the lid of the nappy bucket in my bathroom the day it arrived. I look after 3 babies/toddlers so you can imagine we gather a fair number of smelly nappies in a week! Usually my own kids complain and moan about the dreaded ‘nappy bucket’ at least once a day, saying it STINKS. Well, this past week no one has said a thing, by Friday night it was full to the brim, ready to be emptied into the yellow sack, but still not a whiff of ‘eau de nappy’ 🙂 I would definitely recommend these and need to find out where I can get more!”
Pam Clarke

“When I first heard about the VM3 odour control pads I was a little sceptical. My intrigue got the best of me and I thought if it’s as good as they say it is I need this for my kids shoe cupboard. Well, it worked, so I purchased a second lot for our shoe cupboard. I am extremely happy with the product and am currently dreaming up ways to use it. Tell me do you do one for dogs?
Thanks for saving our noses. “
Scot and Vinetta Pearce

“We have trialled and are now commercially using Vm3 Purifier pads in our kennel area, laundry and waste bins. We have experienced a significant reduction in malodour in all of these areas as a result of their usage. We have also trialled the Vm3 Purifier BFCC (spill compound) for controlling (absorbing)… urine, faeces and vomit and have found it to be effective…as well as eliminating the malodour.”
Dr. Andrew Heron
Randwick Veterinary Hospital, Australia

Case Study’s
Aged Care Facility

Salford Aged Care (Melbourne, Australia)
Salford Aged Care had 60 auto spray units which were replaced with 60 pad holders. Double air purifier pads were placed in each holder, and holders were installed close to ventilation and air-conditioning units to allow flow through the hallways.
Salford are saving around $3500 a year compared to the auto sprayers in the first year and in the second year saving of $4500 as pad holders are a 1 off purchase. The maintenance manager has also saved on time management, to replace cartridge and batteries in auto sprayer taken 8hrs compared with 1.5 hrs replacing pads in pad holders.
Result as Salford has said:
“Just a quick email to let you know that the odour pads and holder grates you supplied are performing exceptionally well – we are impressed indeed! We trialled a number of the pads in high odour areas and we were amazed at how quickly and how well the odour pads worked – and the fact that the odour pads “keep on keeping on” 50% longer than the spray units we had been using.
No doubt you can recall the urine smell problem we had in one particular room – no matter what we tried the odour always returned within days. One pad placed on the front of the air conditioner totally eliminated the smell within 8 hours – and the room has remained odour free since then. The cost saving over a twelve month period has been halved (compared to the costing of automatic spray units) which is another plus for us – especially when every dollar counts!
I am more than happy to recommend your product.
Thanks once again – I can certainly say that you have helped us out immensely.”

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