Clinical Sharps

Nitrogenx offers a complete door-to-door sharps service that removes the risk of injury from your sharps containers and protects the environment by reducing plastic waste.

There are two ranges of sharps containers available at Nitrogenx:

Becton Dickinson Range

Becton Dickinson sharps containers are available in a range of sizes to suit the needs of your clinic’s requirements. The slim-line design ensures maximum space saving. Lockable wall brackets keep the units from being removed from their location. Trolley brackets are available as a mounting option to secure sharps units to trolleys for mobile use.

Daniels Sharpsmart Range

The Daniels Sharpsmart system is the world’s safest and most environmentally responsible sharps management system. Sharpsmart containers have a leak proof seal that eliminates leakage and a swing action safety tray providing a large opening while restricting hand access. A clear content level makes visibility easy with a safety tray which automatically stays upright when the collector is full. Lockable wall brackets, trolley brackets and stands are also available.

Disposing of clinical sharps

Medical sharps such as syringes and needles should never be disposed of in rubbish bags, recycling bins or recycling crates. These items need to be discarded directly into an approved disposal container immediately after use and collected by a private waste collector, where they will be disposed of safely and responsibly.

What happens to the sharps once they are collected by Nitrogenx?

All Clinical Sharps collected by Nitrogenx are destroyed with Waste Management Medismart in their Rotoclave unit.

This is pursuant to Section 40 of the Biosecurity Act 1993. The Rotoclave is a pre-vacuum steam sterilization automated system with safety interlocks. The unique, patented rotating internal drum exposes all waste to direct contact with sterilizing steam. There are no foul odours or harmful emissions making this process environment friendly.

The Rotoclave unit produces a safe, sterile and unrecognizable end product.
– Volume reduction (up to 85%)
– Waste is shredded after treatment and sent to nominated landfills.

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