Medical Waste

Nitrogenx offers a complete range of clinical waste bags and bins in a variety of sizes to suit every environment. Clinical waste bags and bins are easily identifiable to ensure effective waste segregation of clinical waste from other waste products.
Clinical waste bins are made of puncture proof plastics and some have the option of stands, wheels and foot-pedal opening mechanisms resulting in a dramatic reduction of infection transfer risk. Locks and chains can be fitted for outside storage.
Nitrogenx offers a door-to-door delivery and collection service for all of your clinical waste requirements.

Disposing of clinical waste
To provide Nitrogenx clients and all clinical facilities clarity and certainty about how to best dispose of their clinical waste, Auckland Council has provided the following as support information.

Commercial healthcare and medical waste
Healthcare and medical waste from healthcare centres, pharmacies, and other commercial and public medical premises is prohibited from Auckland Council waste services. A private waste collector has to dispose of this waste.

Home healthcare and medical waste
Medical waste can be generated from healthcare delivered in a person’s home, and is prohibited under the Auckland Council Solid Waste Bylaw. Providers of home healthcare materials are responsible for disposing of the waste.
Medical waste is a prohibited material of kerbside refuse services, under Section 13 and the definitions section of the Auckland Council Waste Bylaw.
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Medical practises should not be double bagging clinical waste and putting it out for general collection.
For clarification, refuse collections provided by council to businesses (including medical practises) are for domestic like waste – this is basically lunchroom waste. It does not include trade waste – i.e. waste created by the business as part of the business activities. Auckland council sometimes refer to the lunchroom waste as “domestic/commercial” waste in reference to it being domestic like waste from a commercial premises.
What happens to the clinical waste after it is collected by Nitrogenx?
All Clinical Waste collected by Nitrogenx is destroyed with Waste Management Medismart in their Rotoclave unit.
This is pursuant to Section 40 of the Biosecurity Act 1993. The Rotoclave is a pre-vacuum steam sterilization automated system with safety interlocks. The unique, patented rotating internal drum exposes all waste to direct contact with sterilizing steam. There are no foul odours or harmful emissions making this process environment friendly.
The Rotoclave unit produces a safe, sterile and unrecognizable end product.
– Volume reduction (up to 85%)
– Waste is shredded after treatment and sent to nominated landfills.

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