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Over 25 years Nitrogenx has been dedicated to creating customer-focused solutions for our clients by offering a combination of Healthcare & Hazardous waste disposal combined with Medical Gases, Equipment and Confidential Document Disposal.

We are a creative one-stop-service solution for; Medical, Dental, Aged Care, Veterinary, Specialists, Education, and other Healthcare professionals. Our clients who combine services eliminate the need to engage multiple suppliers, reduce their carbon footprint and save on processing and administration costs.

We offer a door-to-door delivery service throughout Whangarei from Kamo to Ruakaka. A majority of our equipment for Medical Oxygen and Liquid Nitrogen can also be shipped throughout New Zealand. Contact us now to arrange your delivery service.

Every new clinic in our door-to-door service area receives a visit from one of our sales consultants to create a tailor-made service plan that suits your needs based on the size and requirements of your clinic. We offer free Clinic Audits in relation to the products and services we supply to ensure you pass your Cornerstone or Foundation standards, as well as meeting the requirements of NZS 4304:2002 Management of Healthcare Waste.

2017 Winners of Westpac Business awards West in ‘Best Small Business’ & ‘Employer of the Year’, finalist in ‘Excellence in Customer Service Delivery’. Since 2017 we have expanded our team, moved into new premises, increased our Delivery Service Areas and grown Community support.

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To see when we are next if your area please find ‘Whangarei’ on the last page of our Auckland run schedule.

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