Biospada Sanitisers

Contamination & infection control innovation at its finest.Contamination & infection control innovation at its finest.

An environmentally friendly, alcohol-free and highly effective skin and hand sanitiser protector. 1 pump provides up to 8 hours of protection based on the skin’s natural shedding cycle, reducing the need for repeat applications.

Biospada Plus physically destroys harmful microbes, virus and bacteria without the use of poisons, alcohol or chemical stabilisers. Scientifically proven effectiveness against bacteria and virus e.g. Staph, Listeria, Salmonella, H1N1, MRSA, Influenza, E coli plus many more.


 Water-based
 Long lasting
 Non-carcinogenic
 Environmentally stable
 Physical kill

 Invisible and odourless
 Non-corrosive
 Non-toxic
 Impossible to mutate
 Non-leaching