The market has been seeking an environmentally friendly, odour neutralising solution that improves the health and well-being of people who work and live around odour issues. Vm3 is the ideal solution to meet all odour issues, eliminating odours instead of masking them with spray air fresheners.
Vm3 is available as pads which can be used in Medical Waste Bins or as a Spill Compound for those nasty accidents which occur from time to time.
Nitrogenx customers that receive a regular collection of Medical or Controlled Waste will be supplied with Vm3 pads in their bins helping to reduce bacteria and odours.

What is Vm3 Purifier?
Vm3 is recommended for the removal of odour from urine, faeces, sweat, foodstuffs, alcohol, nicotine smoke, rubbish bins, medical waste, and many other problem odours.

Vm3 Purifier is a range of unique products which:
• Eliminate bad odour (they do not simply mask odours)
• Reduces bacteria and fungi
• Absorb moisture from the air
• Absorb fluids
• Reduce odours associated with chemical usage

Ideal to use for:
• Medical Waste / Rubbish Bins
• Bathroom
• Patient Treatment Rooms
• Rest Homes / Aged Care
• Child Care Facilities
• Vets / Pets