Medical sharps such as diabetic needle, syringes and used needles should never be disposed of in rubbish bags, recycling bins or recycling crates. These items need to be discarded directly into an approved disposal sharps container immediately after use and collected by Nitrogenx, where they will be disposed of safely and responsibly.

We know how important to have a safe and clean environment at home for the well-being of our loved ones and whanau. Reliability is key to ensure consistent service and supply is maintained.

Home care patients have different needs and requirements depending on their treatment plan and condition. Common requests for Medical Oxygen & Equipment plus the disposal of Hazardous Waste Sharps or Needles and/or Controlled waste; used dressings, swabs, disposable gloves, and any equipment that made contact with body fluid. Refer to NZS 4304:2002 Management of Healthcare Waste for more information.

Our friendly sales consultant can provide suggestions to ensure that your loved one or Whanau is kept comfortable at all times.

Here at Nitrogenx, we help you create a customised solution based on patient’s needs.
• Medical Oxygen Supply
• Medical Oxygen Equipment; carry bags, trolleys, regulators
• Medical Waste Bins & Bags – supply and disposal
• Sharps Containers – supply and disposal
• Odour Control solutions for containment areas and to reduce bacteria

Nitrogenx is a trusted service provider for a number of home care patients we offer a door-to-door delivery service throughout Auckland, Hamilton, Waikato, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty and Christchurch. A majority of our equipment can be shipped throughout New Zealand.

Reliable, friendly service with pick ups and deliveries right to your home – Nitrogenx feels like a family business and we never have to worry! I would highly recommend Nitrogenx.

Victoria, daughter of a home patient on medical oxygen

Just wanted to express my thanks for for the fantastic service you and Nitrogenx supplied.

Darren, Son of Home Oxygen user