COVID-19 Cambodia – FLAME

By July 8, 2020January 16th, 2023Community

COVID-19 has hit the poor of Phnom Penh hard, with most struggling with the basics even before the pandemic upended their lives. The families you help  live in a precarious place on the edge of society and most have lost their meagre daily income sources. This means that medical issues are left untended, living situations are more cramped as families move in together to save rent, and usual illnesses take a greater toll on those who are even less nourished than ever.  When you partner with Nitrogenx, you step in and bring about very real and practical solutions to these harrowing issues. You are free medical assistance and advice right within the communities most at risk. You are feeding the poor. You are giving milk to babies who are failing to thrive. You are giving these kids hope.

Your mobile medical team consists of paediatric final year student Sothy (L) and GP Rithy (R).Together they visit 8 urban communities in the Mobile Medical yellow van you can see behind them. They do free consolations and offer free basic medication and are a practical demonstration of humanitarian care among the most marginalised communities in the capital of Cambodia. The pair saw about 200 patients between January and February, but from March were strictly prohibited from visiting communities. They did however distribute hand sanitiser to 700 at risk individuals. Their tertiary studies have both continued online. Recently Sothy has been learning to do ultrasounds and Rithy has been doing up to 8 hour night shifts in hospital as well as studying online during the day for his OBGYN specialisation. Rithy has taken on a personal research program to try and identify new at risk communities where the need is greatest for hand sanitiser and food. They are doing their best in very constrained circumstances.

Life is less restricted than a lot of countries but the government in an attempt to avoid a second wave has declared that schools will possibly remain closed until the end of the year. Despite education across the country  grinding to a standstill, you are managing to keep engagement with the kids and their parents, helping with emergencies and maintaining regular contact. This takes the form of monthly food parcels and our social work team monitoring the 58 Flame families closely, jumping in when necessary to keep the families afloat.

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